Skin Vaporizer



Spray your skin to perfection! Presenting a revolutionary hands-free approach to skincare application — with the world’s first beauty tool that nebulizes (convert liquid to fine mist) skincare of high viscosity! It’s your skincare routine enhanced to deliver optimal absorption, even application, and reduce bacterial contamination. You never have to waste a single drop of your expensive serums!

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  • Maximizes the effectiveness of your favourite skincare products
  • Saves time – mix, load and spray away!
  • Better hygiene – a hassle-free, zero-touch skincare application process that lowers the risk of bacteria cross-contamination for healthy skin.


What to expect

  • Fast, effective, and even absorption of skincare
  • Portable: Bring it anywhere, use it anytime.
  • Compatible with IRÉN’s serums and other water-based skincare, including liquids of high viscosity such as foundation.
  • Rechargeable, with batteries lasting up to 2 week

(Pro-Tip: Mix liquid foundation for an evenly dispersed makeup application. Mix serums for deeper penetration of nutrients.).

Pour the contents (toner, serum, water-based lotions, and liquid foundation, etc.) into the serum mixer.

Open the inner cover and waterproof rubber plug of the Skin Vaporizer, then pour the mixed contents from the serum mixer into the water container. After loading up, close the lid.

Hold Skin Vaporizer approximately 15-20cm away from face and close eyes as the fine mist is being sprayed out. Spray 2-3 times evenly around your face in an M-shaped movement Charge once every 2 weeks or when the signal shows red.


Skin Vaporizer Device x 1 (L43mm*W50mm*H176mm)

Serum Mixer Bottle x 1

 USB Charging Cable x 1

2 Pin Adapter x 1 (Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.15A)

User Manual x 1